Eleonora Herder Szenische Künste

Laia Duran

Dancer, Creator and Dance teacher. In 2005 graduated at the Theatre Institute of Barcelona in the field of contemporary dance and currently is doing a Postgraduate progra
m in Choreography and Interpretation at the Conservatory María de Ávila in Madrid. In 2005 she won the audience price in the Contest of Castellón. Fellowship with the Spanish National Dance Company and the Nederlands Dans Theater (Holanda).

As a dancer she worked in companies like the Ballet de Genève, Staatstheater Darmstadt, Ballet Mainz, theatre of Luzern, Switzerland, Gross Dance Company (Netherlands), Nierka Production (UK), The Forsythe Company (Germany), Marina Mascarell (Netherlands), Contrapunctus Danceport (Spain) and Summer Ballet (Denmark).

Since 2012 she is member of the barcelona based company La Veronal, directed by Marcos Morau.